Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Cost of Dentisrty

Advances in dentistry have made it possible for people to keep their teeth for a lifetime, and to achieve the beautiful, healthy smiles they’ve always wanted. As in other fields, advances in technology and new procedures have boosted the cost of dental treatment, commensurate with the level of care available.
Dental insurance benefits, on the other hand, have remained at about the same level for more than two decades, leaving patients with higher out-of-pocket costs. On the plus side, patients today have more payment options than ever before.
Most dental practices now accept most major credit cards, as well as cash and personal checks. Most also offer outside monthly financing programs, which are gaining popularity. Ask your dentist about the practice’s financial policy and what programs the practice offers—and don’t let cost keep you from having the best possible oral health and a beautiful smile.

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